Pen Drive Security Issues

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Pen Drive security issues
  We looked at a lot of cases about the pen drive explode, but after all this is a minority. As long as we use the Pen Drive can be a large extent to avoid a similar security incidents.
  1, the purchase of high visibility, big brand authentic licensed. Do not look cheap to seek small cheap, because you can not determine what is the internal drive battery driver, perhaps the second-hand batteries.
  2, in the portable to consider the issue of heat, do not cover the surface of the pen drive items or clothing, if the internal heat drive is too high, will cause short circuit and so on.
  Overall, most pen drive security issues, we just have to grasp the correct use of the method. Then the Pen Drive will become a master of your equipment!
The pen drive is designed to be lightweight, compact and portable. Charger to the Pen Drive is fully charged, you can directly charge your electronic products until the Pen Drive power shortage. Many of the pen drive is equipped with led light lighting function, which greatly facilitates the consumer in the case of low light conditions to use.
   With a power indicator, as well as the pen drive overcharge, over discharge protection. Above are the advantages of Pen Drives
The need for a Pen Drive is hidden very deep. Because most people in general is not needed. So no one will have such an urgent request. But in the need for it, we will be very anxious to feel like a little less around what. So is it important or unimportant? Let's take a closer look.
  First of all, talk about personal experience, there are times, on the outside travel 3 days. The first day of the phone more. The cell phone battery is running out soon. Some phone almost did not receive. Can only find friends by phone to answer the phone. This is more embarrassing. I do a pen drive, actually did not bring their own products.
  Second, for tourists, the outside power is indeed missing or. Travel of people on the demand for electricity can be said to be unforgettable. People who have not traveled may not feel it. This is also the embarrassing situation of the pen drive.
  Third, the most important is the Pen Drive has a full compatibility. For digital players still have a more obvious role. With it, we only need to bring a charger, a pen drive and a few adapters can be able to charge all of their digital products. The more digital products you use, the more it will be more convenient to use it. And the Pen Drive has a maximum of 2A charging output. Can be very fast lost to you full. Very easy to use Oh
Frequent exposure of the Pen Drive on the network security issues. But these are basically bought on Taobao. Because the price of Taobao can not explain. Many manufacturers for their own interests at the expense of the safety of customers at the expense of the production of some very poor quality products. So here, I would like to remind the majority of consumers, we must choose the power of their own power, must not subjective assumptions.
  The first point: do not believe that the capacity of ultra-high. Also can not buy a very high capacity. In the pen drive industry, the standard tens of thousands of capacity are false. This thing would like to have to know. The value of the standard and then the United States is useless. Even if it is really done with second-hand materials. very dangerous. Pen drive as a high-energy products, too much capacity itself is a security risk. So Apple is very smart. No matter how big the phone is, its battery is about 1400 mAh.
  Second point: can not buy too cheap power. Corruption is the psychology of normal people. But this thing can not be greedy to greed to no limit. Any product will be cheaper. But can not be much cheaper. The price is completely different products are definitely not the same. This is no doubt. But many people have no concept of price and cost. So please do not buy very cheap. Buy a mass of the price of the product on it. Greedy tens of dollars a little cheap may hurt his family. This can not be made.

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