Phone U Disk, USB Flash Memory To Make It Easier For You

- May 08, 2017 -

With the rapid popularization of smart phones, mobile phones already exceeds the laptop has become the most important mobile digital terminal equipment. Ever increasing amounts of data content, data sharing between mobile phones and computers become more and more important, and produce mobile phone U disk storage needs being addressed mobile smartphones.

OTG USB Flash Drive

Here, the composition and functions of electronic Wosen Ke for everyone to decrypt the phone under the U disk:

U disk composition of the mobile phone is very simple, it is a simple shell and chips, and some also add a built-in battery and smart phones wifi chip U disk.

In the above function, U disk phone retains all the features common U disk, for example: system installation can be made into a boot disk, mobile phone U disk U disk can be as ordinary as normal use, read and store data on a PC, can also be a copy of the data on the PC to the phone U disk, read the files on the mobile device to prepare for us.

Interfacing smart phones, tablet computers and other devices to read data on the basis of regular U disk support based on Micro USB OTG technology through and so on. Andrews was undoubtedly relatively good support (Android) device system.

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