Power Bank Security Can Not Guarantee How To Do The Future Charge

- Aug 25, 2017-

Power Bank security can not guarantee how to do the future charge
In recent days, more and more news about Power Bank security incidents, such as the first two days due to the Power Bank spontaneous combustion, resulting in aircraft delay for two hours, we can see, Power Bank security more and more serious. At present, with the increase in mobile power manufacturers, some manufacturers in the emphasis on capacity and function at the same time often overlooked the security. Although the quality has been guaranteed, but the security incidents still occur from time to time. The Power Bank industry has just entered a stable period, but for these events we have to worry about the quality of Power Bank.
 In fact, the quality of Power Bank is indeed not uncommon, so some mobile power manufacturers will use new energy to improve the security performance of Power Bank. For example: Solar Power Bank. But everything is good and bad, solar Power Bank, although safe, but the charging speed is slow, in case of emergency, the solar Power Bank can only be "helpless". But some people will say, do not share Power Bank? For sharing Power Bank Xiao Bian can only say that it can not solve the real needs of consumers.
In addition to the appeal, like some wireless charging technology, fast charging technology also quietly came to the people's side, but the use of wireless charge and fast charge really very little, not to mention the trend of solar Power Bank more and more obvious. As the market changes, the future trend of more and more unstable, coupled with the Power Bank industry by the quality of the restrictions, the sharing of war, the future trend of the Power Bank industry is still unknown.
 For the Power Bank spontaneous combustion phenomenon is not a precedent, after all, is an electronic product, coupled with the quality of strict control, it is prone to security incidents. For the quality is indeed a cliche, so some mobile power manufacturers in the quality of hard work, most manufacturers use polymer batteries, because the polymer battery safety, even if the spontaneous combustion can only make the battery bulge, not Explosion, and even some manufacturers with clean energy - solar energy for mobile phone charging.
In fact, our requirements for charging is getting higher and higher, with the development of science and technology, mobile phone carrying more and more functions, charging is strange, the market is complex and diverse, it will inevitably have some bad products mixed into the market, which also At the same time to tell the vast number of consumers, buy Power Bank must go to the regular manufacturers to buy, so as to ensure your safety.
Power banking industry trends are threatened by the rapid growth of major industries. But with the function of the mobile phone in the universal, so that Power Bank saw the vitality. With the mobile phone carrying the function of growing, more and more people on the charging requirements are very high, some mobile power manufacturers in the attention to capacity at the same time, had to innovate its function. For example: wireless charging technology, solar charging technology, fast charging technology, and so on, and even the market also appeared to share Power Bank, of course, this we do not mention, after all, only to save Power Bank model changed, there is no practical significance.
At present, the industry trends are complex and diverse, Power Bank industry to stand out, it must be technically changed. With the scientific level of progress, mobile power manufacturers are also some of the new technology to our side. In the past, we were too confined to ordinary charging, that ordinary Power Bank security, but in fact, Power Bank security incidents are frequent, but we can not deny the traditional Power Bank can not choose, but we have to bid farewell to the traditional. In the face of complex market trends, Power Bank as the electronics industry leader, should make some changes, not limited to tradition.
2017 is a year of technological development, Power Bank is also with the development of science and technology progress, wireless charging technology in full swing. Solar charging applications to all areas, fast charging technology is completely common, which implies that the Power Bank industry in the booming. Faced with the intricacies of the market, only innovation can make the industry thriving, to make the industry onto a new level.

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