Power Bank Shell Function

- Sep 29, 2017-

Power Bank is now a lot of the market, all kinds of materials are, these materials also have advantages and disadvantages. So in the end Power Bank shell which material is safe? For more information, as follows:
First, Power Bank Shell material type
Power Bank can see a lot of lively colorful Power Bank shell, you can see the heart type, apple type, lipstick type and so on. But the work of good or bad as long as the shell to see what material to know the product is good or bad, in the hands of the first feeling is the feel, a good product in the hands of the corresponding weight, smooth sense, subtle product combination of such products Is good.
At present, the best if the aluminum alloy, ABS resin, general industrial plastic, is also possible. General Power Bank is now the most used for the ABS resin, which has impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, good surface gloss and other characteristics, easy to paint, coloring, can also be surface metallization, plating and other operations. As long as the protection of the batteries and electric board inside, you can call it safe, but relative to the aluminum, in the texture and feel to be worse.
Now most of the plastic is used, the general is the fire material ABS PC it, the appearance of some printing or piano paint, this is the technical high point, a lot of patterns can be DIY, so do the products are more lightweight. There is an aluminum or aluminum alloy, so that the product is very cumbersome, feel generally is not very good.
Mobile Power Bank technology refers to the product design into the consumer's public or minority aesthetic. As a portable and has a certain function of electronic products, consumers pay attention to the appearance of its aesthetics, so the mainstream manufacturers not only increase the battery power management technology innovation, but also increase in line with the aesthetic appearance of consumer product development research and development
Second, Power Bank shell function:
1, the product has an external power supply, both to their own charge, but also to the iPhone charge; in the absence of an external power supply, can directly charge to the iPhone, charging time fast.
2, the product built a usb data cable, ready to connect with the PC, synchronous management.
3, security: short circuit protection, anti-overcharge protection, anti-over-release protection.
4, Power Bank shell, Power Bank shell, flat Power Bank shell, portable power supply, USB external power supply, universal backup power, large capacity external power supply, portable power supply.
Third, make Power Bank need to pay attention to what
2015 is the most fire is what people are always the most traceable trend, casually online search, we know that Power Bank has gradually occupied the market, there are a lot of people on the mobile power production process has become curious and began to make their own Power Bank, for This kind of innovative students, I am here to talk about the next Power Bank production process need to pay attention to what matters.
First of all, we intend to make Power Bank before, you must find a good Power Bank material, here is the choice of materials, for the Power Bank assembly, of course, only know the technical people, will be assembled, so there is no deep discussion of assembly, Introducing the Power Bank, which is also the decisive factor in creating a premium Power Bank.
Power Bank of the material, divided into battery cell, IC protection chip, shell, charge and discharge plugs of these categories. First of all for the battery cell, mainly divided into ordinary lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries, the difference between these two batteries, there are many on the Internet about its two, no doubt make lithium polymer batteries relatively safe and reliable.
For the IC protection chip, it is the role of the Power Bank is the largest, here mainly talk about the most important points: First, the boost circuit system is perfect, which can guarantee the boost conversion efficiency, the general conversion rate of not less than 80 %. The second point, whether played a charge, over discharge and other load protection. The third point, intelligent power display, people on the power at a glance. In short, choose a good chip will be more effective.
For the choice of Power Bank shell, of course, the current consumers are very picky, they are no stranger to fashion, so we choose the Power Bank shell when you want to choose a stylish cool Power Bank shell. For the plug, it is sure to meet almost all the digital port switching ports on the market today.

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