Power Bank Treasure Common Problems And Solutions

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Power Bank treasure common problems and solutions

With the digital products in people's lives occupy an increasingly important position, Power Bank treasure market demand is also a substantial increase, in addition to pick a high quality suitable for their own charge outside the treasure. For the recovery of the problem of Power Bank treasure, is also a very important issue. Today, Xiao Bian told you to explore their solution to the way!

Question 1: Power Bank Po can not charge

When the charge can not charge when the charge, we first have to consider is that the adapter is not due to mobile phones or digital products do not match it? If so, encounter this problem can be used in mobile phones or digital products own Data lines can be linked to the charge to the phone or digital Power Bank products. If not, it is necessary to consider to go after the sale asked.

Question 2 adapter quality problems, double pull line is broken

If you find the adapter or double pull line problems, resulting in the product can not be used when, if the replacement time can find manufacturers to change, if more than just buy a similar, or use the phone or digital products own data Line charge. However, the premise is to choose the adapter can be, or there will be a new problem. Power Bank treasure daily maintenance?

Question 3: Power Bank Po opened the machine?

The first may be no electricity: If you have just received can not open the machine can not open the machine, there may be no electricity, and you just take out the double cable and mini USB adapter first charge him on the computer (charge 3- 5 minutes on it), can win in the boot, and continue to charge after the boot. If you can not use the machine after the machine can not be charged directly on the adapter, if you do not go into the instructions that you are using the charge to the phone or other digital products are overcharged, so that the charge inside the lithium battery automatically protected, so the need for computer USB output to charge him on it.

Question 4, boot method

Charger Po boot mode is similar to the phone lock key, we need to press for 2-3 seconds or in a few seconds to see the power indicator lights have regular flash, on behalf of the charge has been booted to the phone or other digital products charge.

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