PVC Silicone U The Stuff You Couldn't Do

- Aug 09, 2016 -

1. in problem right click on the USB icon, select "Properties"-"Tools"-"errors" under "check" after the problem is solved. If not, please go to try.

2. attempt to file renaming, if you can rename it. Run cmd to open Task Manager, end the Explorer process, switch to the cmd command prompt by typing "Del filename" you can delete files, this method only applies to files can be renamed. When you close all other programs that are not relevant.

3. If prompted when you rename the file "access denied", then run cmd in run mode "chkdsk drive:/f" command to check the disk for errors and repair.

If find disk errors, General errors are repaired, garbled file can be deleted after the repair is complete.

Note: sometimes, garbled file partition is the system, the system will prompt "another process is called the volume, do you want this volume to be checked on next boot?" I suggest using this method run the Chkdsk command, boot the system using the Windows installation disc, choose a new installation Windows interface, press "r" to repair existing systems, access the command prompt, run here "chkdsk/f" command. I've tested, runs better than a lot better in the cmd mode under Windows. Then run "fixmbr" command to repair partition table. You can also fix other problems in the system.

4. If you make a step still unable to delete garbled file, you can use our most popular WinRAR compression tool to remove, specific compression garbled file and select the "delete source files after compression" option. In this way, generally garbled file can be deleted.

5. If the disk file index blocks have been destroyed, then WinRAR is no way, at this time we should borrow the Ghost of this powerful tool. Garbled file partition image file first, and then use Ghost Explorer to browse image files, garbled file is found and removed, then restore the image file to the source partition. This method can solve most problems garbled file names cannot be removed.

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