PVC Usb Flsh Drive

- Apr 27, 2017-

PVC usb flsh drive can be said to be the greatest degree of customization U disk type, its shape exactly according to customer requirements custom mold design, sophisticated style unique and meet customer company's image, it is the best choice for business gifts.

U disk made of PVC material, soft to the touch, wear resistance, good ductility, and stability, anti-cold temperature, which can remain in the physical and chemical properties at a temperature of -40 ℃ -220 ℃.

Now since we know the advantages of PVC U disk, then we talk about PV CU disk customization process:

1.customers design diagra (3D modeling, multi-angle view of the need)

PVC usb flsh drive custom

2.customers check prices

3.the design for the customer to confirm

PVC usb flsh drive custom

4.make samples to customers to confirm

PVC usb flsh drive custom

5.the production of goods

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