Share The Economy Under The USB Flash Drive Or Trend Or Pseudo-vents

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Share the economy under the USB Flash Drive or trend or pseudo-vents
Now 2017 has been half past, but now is still sharing the world, many entrepreneurs want to share the shell with the desire to seek capital of pro-Lai. Under the influence of the shared economy, sharing the USB Flash Drive once again from the cold pockets, after the gantry became a lot of investors in the guest. With the continuous integration of mobile power manufacturers, so that the original quiet USB Flash Drive industry has become inflated. I personally think that shared USB Flash Drive play big, and even Ma and Ma have joined the shared army, is this really the trend?
 Despite the controversy, money and public scrutiny, but shared USB Flash Drive or quietly debut in the major shopping malls, and captured, including Tencent, including capital concerns. Once plugged into the Internet to share the economic wings, the USB Flash Drive business seems to have also flew a new outlet. With the increase in mobile power manufacturers, people are no stranger to the USB Flash Drive, but with "shared" word, the meaning is completely changed. After sharing the bike covered the city, USB Flash Drive also quietly opened a new round of sharing the outlet.
Shared USB Flash Drive brutal outbreak, but also to become more inflated, along with the development of science and technology, people will not be limited to sharing, wireless charging technology, solar charging technology, fast charging technology in the slowly replace the share. Shared USB Flash Drive and shared bike is different, very directly that the sharing of bicycles burned the desire to share the USB Flash Drive, but shared USB Flash Drive relative to the shared bicycle in the people's security problems on the fissure of many security risks. In the end is the trend or pseudo-wind I think only the user can decide.
 Following the sharing of bicycles from the share of the shared USB Flash Drive, take advantage of the days and place, but also compared to other shared projects to win more attention, get more money. With Chen Ou invested 300 million yuan to share the USB Flash Drive and Wang Sicong in a friend circle when the share of USB Flash Drive heat reached its peak, but also accompanied by public opinion. Although the beginning of 2017, shared USB Flash Drive for the sharing of economic entrepreneurs to open the door to the new world, and in the short term to win the attention of the market. But no matter how confident the entrepreneur and investors, sharing USB Flash Drive is absolutely not just need.
 The influx of crazy capital, pushing the shared USB Flash Drive industry is becoming more mature, but the competitive pressure also increases. The face of economically developed today, there are too many shared economic projects, born quietly, dead bones without deposit, even the outlet can not avoid the pressure to combat. On the shared USB Flash Drive for hundreds of millions of scale investment. Financing speed, capital participation in the high density, business expansion of the rapid, so that shared USB Flash Drive has become a blame the status of China's venture capital.
In a variety of trends, the economy can continue to share how long? How far can I share a USB Flash Drive? But from the current situation, the shared economy is to bring convenience to life or cause greater pressure to discuss, the so-called shared USB Flash Drive can be nonsense is still unknown, specifically how to develop, which To see yourself.
In the shared USB Flash Drive into the final, the strategy adopted by each is different. In spite of this, in order to compete for the market, rapid expansion, and rivals opened the gap between different enterprises to adopt a different market expansion strategy, some use to join the agent to achieve. Of course, there are some mobile power manufacturers and industry insiders do not currently recognize this set of agents, through self-promotion team to achieve market expansion. But in general, each share a USB Flash Drive companies are open to business, are through the business to apply for self-site laying.
Of course, each strategy will have drawbacks, the drawbacks of the strategy can be circumvented by the system, but the pace of the market control is not so simple. Sharing the USB Flash Drive in advance to enter the final is a good thing, so you can end the situation in front of Happy Valley enclosure; but also a bad thing, making the market more intense competition. This blindness is bound to be shared across the economy - waste of resources, poor user experience.

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