Talking About Short Circuit Protection Of USB Flash Drive

- Sep 29, 2017-

2017 USB Flash Drive use more and more widely, USB Flash Drive factory technology is also more mature, for the USB Flash Drive security and more attention, especially USB Flash Drive short circuit protection more attention, now Let's take a look at the USB Flash Drive's short circuit protection.
USB Flash Drive short circuit protection, that is, when the USB Flash Drive output occurs when the short circuit, the power automatically disconnect, stop working, strictly speaking, USB Flash Drive short circuit protection is also a protected, its principle Is when the current reaches a set peak, it began to automatically stop working, play a protective role.
USB Flash Drive factory produced by the USB Flash Drive is generally used to protect the two, one is the battery itself IC short circuit protection, the other is the software board through the MCU control power input and output, to achieve short circuit protection, and some hardware Of the power can only use the lithium battery IC to short-circuit protection, in which case, after a short circuit, the need to activate to resume normal use, the activation method is very simple, is to use the charger on the USB Flash Drive re-charge activation, For the software board USB Flash Drive, there will generally be double protection, when a short circuit occurs, MCU first make judgments, issued a protection signal, under special conditions, the lithium protection IC will make protection, this USB Flash Drive After the occurrence of short-circuit protection, generally as long as the removal of short-circuit load or button once can naturally return to normal, do not need to re-charge to activate, with more convenient.
We do not recommend using one of the unknown USB Flash Drives in these places. Now USB Flash Drive sales in the roadside stalls is very large. Many people are convenient and cheap and other concessions in the roadside to buy some three or no cottage products. The quality of these products is not uniform, many are used very poor second-hand batteries to do. It is easy to safety problems. Moreover, most of the USB Flash Drive security incidents are generally occurred in the USB Flash Drive using the process. When not in use, there will be no current in the USB Flash Drive. Not hot and hot. Therefore, there is no basic possibility of accidents.
We have seen a lot of cases on the USB Flash Drive explosion, but after all, is a minority. As long as we use the USB Flash Drive can be a large extent to avoid a similar security incidents.
1, the purchase of high visibility, big brand authentic licensed. Do not look at cheap covet small cheap, because you can not determine what is the USB Flash Drive internal batteries, perhaps the second-hand batteries.
2, in the portable to consider the issue of heat, do not cover the surface of the USB Flash Drive items or clothing, if the USB Flash Drive internal heat is too high, will cause short circuit and so on.
Overall, most of the USB Flash Drive on the issue, we just have the right to use the method. Then the USB Flash Drive will become a master of your equipment!
Having finished the USB Flash Drive predecessor, I believe we all understand the basic functions of USB Flash Drive. Yes, as a power supply product. Its most basic function is of course charging. But now it is not the same as before can only give one or two charges charge. Now it is omnipotent, according to statistics can be compatible with 99% of the market digital products. That is to say now out of travel, bring all your high-tech equipment (digital camera, DV, mobile phones, Tablet PC), you only need to bring a USB Flash Drive will be able to meet all the daily electricity.
Full compatibility, a machine with, is not it good to force it? Its function is always endless. Now most of the USB Flash Drives are equipped with flashlight function. Full of electricity, the use of flashlight is estimated to use more than 300 hours. That is, if you use 3 hours a day, can use 100 days. Wow, good Niubi feeling. Of course more than that. And some also bring WIFI wireless routing. Just put the kind of USB Flash Drive into the network cable. The computer and then plug a receiver (mobile phones and flat-panel are equipped with a WIFI receiver), so that it can be very easy wireless Internet access. There are a lot of USB Flash Drives to bring the radio function. Although the radio in China gradually fade out of the market. But in the "evil country" or daily necessities. It is a long-lasting power to let some of the previous traditions have become unusually strong. Is not it?

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