Talking About The Short Circuit Protection Of Power Bank

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Talking about the Short Circuit Protection of Power Bank
2017 rechargeable treasure more and more widely used, Power Bank treasure factory technology is more and more mature, for the safety of Power Bank treasure more attention, especially the charge of the short-circuit protection more need to pay attention, let us now understand Under the charge of Po's short circuit protection.
  Power Bank Po's short-circuit protection, that is, when the charge Po output when the short circuit occurs, the power automatically disconnect, stop working, strictly speaking, the charge of the short-circuit protection is also a protected, it is the principle of when the current To achieve a set peak, it began to automatically stop working, play a protective role.
  Power Bank treasure factory produced by the charge of the general use of the protection is divided into two kinds, one is the battery itself IC short circuit protection, the other is the software board through the MCU control power input and output, to achieve short circuit protection, some hardware board power Can only use the lithium battery IC to short circuit protection, in which case, after a short circuit, the need to activate to resume normal use, the activation method is very simple, is to use the charger to recharge the charge once again charge, for the software board In the special conditions, the lithium protection IC will also make protection, this charge occurs after the short-circuit protection, Generally as long as the removal of short-circuit load or a button to naturally return to normal, do not need to re-charge to activate, with more convenient.
 What are the precautions for Power Bank the treasure?
  1, the output voltage range: If careful people can be found in our circle of life, many products are using the USB interface to charge. At this point you should pay attention to the input voltage range of your device, our charge pin voltage output range is 5.3-0.5v. If your device requires an input voltage range that is not within this range, it is recommended that you do not power your device to ensure the life of your digital device.
  2, USB connector must match, because a variety of USB data cable corresponding to the equipment is different. So, in order to properly use the Charger Po for your device power supply, use a matching USB data interface.
  3, Power Bank the treasure of the installation environment, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry, low air humidity environment, and humidity environment for all types of electrical appliances are detrimental, so, for its life, please Try to put it in a dry environment.
  4, often use your charge treasure, charge it every month and discharge it once, often used. Will be able to maximize its service life.
  5, anti-fall shock. Power Bank Po is actually a fragile component, the internal components can not afford to beat. In particular, to prevent the use of the process accidentally landing. Do not throw, beat or shake it. Roughly treat it will destroy the internal circuit board.
  6, anti-cold and heat. Do not put the charge on the high temperature of the place. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy the charge treasure, Power Bank so that some plastic parts deformation or melting. And do not store it in a cold place. When it is working in a cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, it will form moisture and destroy the circuit board.
  7, anti-strong chemical products. Power Bank Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the charge. Remove the charge of the appearance of stains can be a small amount of cotton stained with anhydrous alcohol scrub.

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