Teach You How To Correctly Buy USB Stick!

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Teach you how to correctly buy USB Stick!
With the growing development of mobile storage technology, USB Stick capacity is growing, reading and storage faster and faster, smaller and smaller, gradually replaced the bulky mobile hard disk, a lot of office workers indispensable Walking tools.
Consumers how to correctly buy USB Stick, professional marketing branch of the law enforcement officers to the consumer support recipe: First, buy USB Stick, as far as possible in the formal credibility of the better shops, such as quality assurance Electronic goods stores and stores, selected at home and abroad more well-known manufacturers of products, and ask for invoices and credit card; try to buy a long time warranty brand USB Stick. Those roadside stalls on the large capacity but the price is very low USB Stick, many are inferior products.
Second, when you buy a USB Stick - be sure to insert it on your computer. After inserting the USB Stick, check the capacity first. To 4GUSB Stick, for example, if the property shows the capacity just 4G, then this USB Stick is likely to be a problem, - in general, the actual capacity of the USB Stick will be slightly lower than the standard capacity, such as 4GUSB Stick computer The actual display capacity of 3.76G or so, but not too low. Then, we can view the USB Stick hardware, if it is genuine licensed USB Stick, click the hardware, it will show the USB Stick model, if it is counterfeit goods, will be exposed here.
In addition, the consumer can also let the seller copy the copy - similar to the USB Stick capacity of similar documents, such as 4GUSB memory card copy 3.5G file, if the copy process is interrupted, or copy speed is very slow, it is likely that USB Stick capacity is virtual standard, is the expansion of the expansion of the use of fake and shoddy products, consumers - do not buy and timely complaints to the relevant departments to report.
Many consumers not only have a USB Stick, and often used to notebook USB Stick to carry, if you want to use the USB interface at the same time multiple USB Stick, select the compact USB Stick will be more convenient to use.
I do not know if you have not encountered USB Stick into the computer can not open, double-click the USB Stick you want to format the USB Stick situation? Someone met this wonderful USB Stick. Can not be used after inserting the computer, and prompts "use the drive in the J: before the need to format it." Behind the pull out and then try to plug the computer several times or not, are prompted to format.
For 31.25GB capacity, but the fact is not the case
D why is this? Because many cottage USB Sticks are expansion, through the software can freely modify the "memory capacity" and "brand", "model". Shang Xiaobian friends of the situation is likely to be the expansion of the USB Stick, such as and identify it? We can use ChipGenius to detect the master model used by the USB Stick
Open a good copy of the corresponding USB Stick master chip model of production tools can be modified on the USB Stick, re-production

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