Teach Your Own Custom U Disk Icon

- Jun 19, 2017-

We all know that we can customize their desired pattern on the surface of the disk U, then how to customize a personalized U disk icon it? Today, teach you how simple modifications to our U disk icon, first of all we need to use a U disk icon creation tool, because we need to ico format is the picture format, then we will use our download this software to convert images into what we need the ico picture, of course, there are some online sites can also be generated ico icon.

This icon will be copied to our U-disk, and create a new text file in the U disk, writes about the contents in the document:

U disk customization

Xxx.ico which is the name of the icon file you want (including extensions). This text file as autorun.inf, finally quit the U disk into the computer again, then we can find our U disk icon has changed, the disk is instantly recognizable U disk, looks very large on !

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