The Development Of Pen Drive Is Deeply Dissected

- Jul 13, 2017 -

The development of Pen Drive is deeply dissected

Currently, the Pen Drive used on mobile phones has the following characteristics:

First of all, "soft", flexible connection, and strong corrosion resistance; Secondly, there is no need to weld, easy installation, no fire hazard, so it saves space. In addition, today's board is both ultra-low and high, with a double chip, which is a little bit below. Finally, there is strong environmental resistance, not only soft, but also the use of the high reliability of "strong connections"; Of course, general still have not restricted material, the belt is blocked, installation is convenient and so on the advantage.

In order to improve the combination of the socket and plug, by using the simple locking mechanism in the fixed metal parts and the contact part, Pen Drive the combination of the combined forces can be improved, and the locking time is more practical. This connector can minimize the thickness of the product to connect the purpose, which has more and more ultra-thin mobile phones on the market!

And pin spacing is becoming more and more narrow, at present the main is given priority to with 0.4 mm pitch, JAE now with 0.35 mm pitch, aceh technology developed so far the most narrow spacing should be industry Pen Drive, 0.35 mm pitch at present mainly for the apple mobile phone and domestic high-end models, the application of it will be the trend of nearly two years, it has the minimum volume, Pen Drive the highest precision, the advantages of high performance, but for the patch and other supporting technology of the more demanding, this is the place where many connector manufacturers the most need to customer service, otherwise the yield is low.

In consumers for the product thickness, feel experience the demand is higher and higher today, ultra-thin, ultra narrow type connector of electroplating technology put forward new requirements, in 0.6 mm high, up to a single product is less than 0.4 mm height of products, how to guarantee the product based on tin plating thickness and the effect is not climb the tin, became a connector miniaturization of the key problems, the practice of present common is blocking by laser to spin out the plating layer on tin path, so as to solve the problem of not climb tin, but this technique has a defect, is stripping gold, laser nickel plating layer can be damaged if they are same, so that the copper is exposed to the air, the corrosion and rust.

According to the small group, this problem was solved successfully by electroplating process at the base point of the end of the pin, which was less than 0.08 mm. Believe this, a lot of engineers and technical dans should know, 0.08 mm of the nickel area only the international individual technology super strong company can do!

It is also important to note that Pen Drives can be constructed with simple machine circuits. By setting the insulation wall on the bottom of the connector, the wiring of the PC board and the metal terminal can be carried out on the face at the bottom of the connector. It is very beneficial for the miniaturization of PC board.

Socket, Pen Drive, pin, row mother are all very common parts in the electronic world. Compared with other parts, the Pen Drive has a wider range of products and more applications than other parts. But the Pen Drive also faces some problems.

1. Threat of new entrants

The barriers to entry exist mainly in product differentiation and scale economy, while there is no special requirement on sales channels, capital requirements, conversion cost, cost advantages and so on. But the vitality of the connector market and the high growth potential of communications in the railway, energy and machinery industries are attracting a growing number of new entrants.

2. Threat of substitutes

The main substitutes for connectors are terminals. Is in the high-end market, Pen Drive under the threat of substitutes is not big, this basically is the connector itself is developed from terminal, is for the cable is convenient, fast, no error of plug. In mid - and low-end markets, connectors are threatened by alternatives, and when the buyer is under the pressure of cost, they will choose the quality and cheap terminals.

Buyer's bargaining power

The buyer of the connector is the manufacturer of products and equipment, and the buyer's concentration is high: the proportion of the products purchased by the buyer from the industry is about 10% of the total cost. The degree of standardization purchased by the buyer from the industry is improving: the profitability of the buyer is decreasing; The buyer has the ability to carry forward the integration; The information on both sides is more transparent; All this makes the buyer's bargaining power higher and higher.

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