U Disk Broke, Files Can Be Restore ?

- May 17, 2017 -

We all know that U disk is a useful tool storage, U disk later had to do a lot of things to a lot of convenience. Sometimes a small not fall to the ground, plug in the computer will quickly look at the data there is no damage. U disk is the internal memory of the chip, in general, is not to be broken, and is most likely to break the circuit board, because the board are more vulnerable ,, as well as the interface section, you can look directly open U disk, many U disk without screws, pry it open, if the interface portion of the U disk is off, and take a direct iron welding can be reused, if break the circuit board, can look fly line repair, if the chip is open welding this requires more advanced welding techniques, in short, U disk and removable hard disk than the shatterproof lot, but also easy to repair. General throw about wrestling is not bad. Unlike hard drives, are particularly vulnerable to break. If the fall is not very heavy U disk, plug in the computer prompts "Unrecognized mobile devices," this is not wrong, you can repair, for a electronic component called crystal.


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