U Disk Capacity Will Shrink Carefully To Buy Expansion Disk

- Nov 08, 2018-

In order to store more data, many people choose to purchase large-capacity U-disks, but careful consumers may have discovered it. The capacity of the U-disk is different from the actual storable capacity. Some U-disks are clearly different. There is also storage space, but the computer can not be stored.

   Shrinking U disk, also known as "expansion disk", "upgrade disk." It refers to the software used by illegal manufacturers to use a mass production tool to change the master control information on the USB flash drive, and mark the capacity of the USB flash drive to be much larger than its actual capacity, so as to profit from fraudulent consumers. When the actual capacity of the U disk is less than or equal to its nominal 90%, it is considered to be a shrinking U disk with quality problems.

   Its characteristics are:

   1. The actual capacity is much smaller than the labeled capacity. For example, a 2GB U disk may be 512MB, 256MB, etc. But the U disk properties can not be seen.

   2. During the use process, not only the copying speed is extremely slow, but also the prompt of “not enough memory” will appear soon.

   3. Files copied to the shrink disk, which exceed the actual capacity, cannot be read and used normally.

   4. Will bring a series of lost data to the consumer, data corruption can not be read and lead to work delays and other troubles.

   For the user, the biggest hazard of the expansion disk may not be that it buys a low-capacity disk at a high price, but you do not know how big the capacity of the expansion disk is. Once the important data copied into it exceeds its actual capacity, it will cause the file to fail. The losses caused are sometimes irreparable.

   When the file exceeds the actual capacity of the expansion disk, it seems that the copy is successful, but the file copied to the expansion disk is actually written in the form of a shortcut. When the user wants to open the file again, it will be found. The file is not working at all. Therefore, the expansion disk is like a "black hole" copied into the file, which is the culprit leading to the loss of important files.

   So how do you identify the expansion disk? In fact, the actual capacity of the U disk and the marked capacity may not be exactly the same, but when the actual capacity of the U disk is less than or equal to 90% of its nominal value, it can be identified as a capacity disk with quality problems.


  The most direct and effective method is to copy and purchase the file data of the same size as the U disk. If the memory is insufficient, the file cannot be copied, etc., it can be determined as the expansion disk. Properly avoid the U disk expansion trap, it is recommended to buy a secure U disk from a professional manufacturer. When purchasing a general-purpose U disk, be careful not to buy a product whose price is significantly lower than the market price; try to choose a reliable and reputable entity merchant, open the package after purchase, store and open a size that exceeds the capacity of the U disk. Large files are tested, or professional U disk detection software is used for capacity identification. If you accidentally buy an expansion disk, you should immediately transfer the documents and materials.


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