U Make The Boot Disk Installation Steps

- Aug 09, 2016-

1, double-click the UltraISO.exe, then open the system file you just downloaded

2, insert the USB flash drive or memory card, select "start CD-writing to the hard disk image"

3, select the write mode, creating a startup disk (write back up important data before). Models USB-ZIP and USB-HDD two different board support model is the difference, in most cases support USB-ZIP.

Select "Yes" to continue to write data

4, start making after you finish the next step you can begin the installation system. Netbooks and PVC silicone insert u disk boot, remember the need to press DEL on startup (or F2) into the motherboard CMOS Setup, and set the first boot device to USB or removable device, you can start will come to success

5, u disk boot into WINPE, new books to the first partition, and then double-click the left corner of the desktop "auto-install system"

6, press any key to start copying the system, immediately after replication is complete the system will automatically restart. To note here: when the system is restarted to allocated u

7, after reboot the system will automatically deploy the installation, including common software and hardware drivers are automatically installed.

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