USB Flash Drive Data For No Reason Lost

- Jun 27, 2017-

USB Flash Drive data for no reason lost
  Some friends in the use of USB Flash Drives when the data is sometimes lost, after the completion of the data has been saved, but the data is gone, and the whole document are gone. But the folder is still, what is the reason for this? The following for everyone to answer:
  The default setting for the USB Flash Drive in the normal system is optimized for quick removal. So USB Flash Drive can be any hot-swappable, there will be no problem. If you specifically set "to improve performance and optimization", then the USB Flash Drive must be click on the icon in the taskbar to manually abort, so generally not as usual as the normal operation and damage to the file. I think there may be the following:
1, is reading and writing when pulling the USB Flash Drive;
2, mistakenly deleted, but here to delete but there is no recycle station;
3, the disk appeared a bad sector, just the file exists in this area;
4, USB Flash Drive interface power supply voltage is insufficient, resulting in a write error, that is, the error message is written to the area;
5, chip performance is poor, memory effect failure.
  For the above situation can be gradually ruled out, in particular, the final use of software tools for data recovery, and then low-level format, or to the manufacturer's website to refresh the USB Flash Drive BIOS, which is the last one
 Friends who often use USB Flash Drives to store files should be very sensitive to the speed of USB Flash Drives, but the current high-speed USB 3.0USB Flash Drive prices are relatively high, and write speed, relative to the USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive Promotion is not immediate.
    Therefore, to enhance the USB Flash Drive read and write performance is very necessary. Today, let us experience the free USB Flash Drive can read and write performance of the method bars
    But the friendship reminded that this method has a certain risk, only to have a certain ability to operate a friend.
    Step 1: Before mass production of USB Flash Drive, we have to find out what kind of control chip USB Flash Drive.
    Through ChipEasy chip worry about this software can detect the USB Flash Drive master chip and the specific model. And most importantly, it can also provide us with USB Flash Drive from the home of the production tool download link, really more convenient.
    Step 2: know the chip model, such as my hands in this USB Flash Drive master chip model is PS2251-60, and its production tools for the MPALL 3.92, of course, with the production tool does not mean that can be produced USB Flash Drive. Production tools also need to correspond to the flash memory chip configuration file, but fortunately this version is just the corresponding flash memory configuration. If not, you must download other versions of the production tool.
    Step 3: Open the production tool MPALL 3.92, insert the USB Flash Drive and click on the right side of the set button, the general choice of the basic settings on it, the default is the speed priority mode, without too many complicated settings.
    Step 4: In the main control item to select the corresponding master chip model, such as my paragraph for the PS2251-60.
    Here you can also partition the USB Flash Drive, set the boot mode, etc., if no special needs, select a partition can be. Mode best to choose "removable disk", compatibility is very good.
    Step 5: the production tool default USB Flash Drive is set to high-speed mode, after a simple set, you can now click on the mass production button, and wait for a moment.
    Note: Do not cancel or power off during production, as this may damage the USB Flash Drive.
    Finally, test again, you will find that mass production of USB Flash Drive performance relative to the production before the upgrade of a grade. Especially the 16K write, raised up to 3 times as much, really stupid.

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