USB Flash Drive Disk, Please Insert The Disk

- May 22, 2020-

 USB Flash Drive Disk, please insert the disk into the drive

A colleague took a 16 gb usb and plugged it into the USB socket, the USB flash drive indicator will be on, and the disk symbol is also displayed in my computer, but when double-clicking it, a prompt appears: Please insert the disk into the drive. The same prompt appears when formatting this disk. No worries.

Try to find a solution, the solution is as follows:

1. Right-click on My Computer, Manage One by One Storage Disk Manager, you can see the symbol representing the 16 pendrive gb on the right interface, click it, select Create a new partition, follow the prompts to complete the formatting operation , The problem is expected to be resolved.

2. Download the Star Shuttle Low-level Formatting Tool to perform low-level formatting of the flash memory .16gb 3.0 usb Repair Tool (PortFree Production Program 3.27) Usage: (1) Please click OPTION in the lower right corner of the software and the following window will appear. (2) Please select Others 

Select Type Removable

(3) Please select Capacity Adjust, and select the capacity of your U disk here; if there is no capacity you want here, please click ADD to fill in the capacity you need.

(4) Please select Flash Test, select Low Level Format; There are two parameters here, one is All Blocks (Its meaning is to low format the entire

Disk), the other is Good Blocks (it means only low-formatted blocks, this parameter is suitable for 1gb usb stick containing bad blocks)

(5) After selecting according to the above method, please click 0K to save the settings, then connect the 1gb pendrive to the computer, click RUN to start low format.

The last two methods seem to work well, but they are not easy to use when applied to this U disk.

1. There is no logo representing flash memory in the upper half of the interface on the right, but there is no shop hit in the lower half, which is in vain;

2. After pressing RUN, the 1gb usb flash drive bulk drive letter in my computer is gone, the U disk light is not flashing, and the low-level format cannot be completed.

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