USB Flash Drive Is The Biggest Flaw In Itself

- Oct 17, 2017 -

USB Flash Drive is the biggest flaw in itself
In fact, the potential of this industry is unlimited. And then the same mobile phone market, it can be said to be booming But at present, many small manufacturers into the market. The state has not introduced the relevant legal standards. It seems to be out of no use. And the case of the previous cottage phone. Can be said to be very confusing. Plus, the consumer's values are not very clear. May be a few dollars for the price gap on the choice of cottage. Compared to the gap between the past about ten times to sell well. Now this people can not explain the purchase of ideas so that the USB Flash Drive has a very big impact on the chain of benign funds.
In addition to the above obstacles, there are the following aspects of the obstacles.
1, USB Flash Drive in the current market is not a separate product, it is considered one to buy one get one of the accessories or gifts. His function was developed for other products. Leave other products or specific practical conditions. It is basically no meaning.
2, to replace its products are likely to be listed in a few years time. Technology development speed we can see. Various new materials are used. Many laboratories have broken through the bottleneck of capacity. The theoretical situation can be more than 10 days of life have been developed a program. Presumably soon trial production. And basically no one digital manufacturers are through different technical means to improve the battery life. Especially the new generation of mobile phone CPU come out, CPU power consumption and a variety of power-saving mode makes mobile phone power more and more slow speed.
3, USB Flash Drive is the biggest flaw in itself. It is a large capacity product. But it is not casually can do a lot of capacity. An average of 300 grams per 10,000 mAh. Twenty thousand cents more than a pound. Unless it is done with very expensive materials. Or a large capacity is a brick. Most of the market is about ten thousand milliamperes. While the capacity of the phone 3000 mAh has not met. So that the phone can not charge the number of times, the use is relatively small.
The life cycle of each electronic product is not very long. Now the technological innovation is too fast. The current USB Flash Drive market sales is indeed a little amazing. But the promotion is still very hurt and sad. Many big brands choose to do prime time in the CCTV advertising. This can be said to be super big hand ah. For small and medium-sized, the risk of throwing money is still very large. Because the current cost of advertising has been as bad as ever. The probability of drop is too big.
In fact, many small and medium-sized USB Flash Drive brand manufacturers shipments are not very tragic. Some still very impressive. Of course, to promote the most way to force or in the price war to blaze a way to. It's quick to have a good way. The vast majority of customers are valued price. Price is the root of their profits. This year there are a few do not pay attention to money it But the price war on the USB Flash Drive manufacturers is very uncomfortable.
Expand the USB Flash Drive market, the most efficient way or in the QQ group, purchasing groups, mobile phone supply and demand information, take the initiative to contact them, lay the foundation for relations. Accurate selection of high-quality customer focus on maintenance. There is also a chance to do business. Of course, if people believe you, when people have demand, naturally think of you.
The focus of the focus is in fact to fully understand where our customers are. But a bit tragic is part of the USB Flash Drive manufacturers to customize and gift-based. Most of their customers are very discrete and arbitrary. This is like a police investigation with no premeditated, no signs, no clues to the case. No way to start, the difficulty is also very high. But by some training units to speak out simply than tea simple. Perhaps, we should go to pick some obvious points of precision USB Flash Drive customers. Many small and medium-sized customers are like to leave traces on the network. They have a large part of the business in the relevant industry. These businesses have their own market space. Talk about the good, basically can be traded. And can continue to supply. These businesses are very good to find, but the latter part of the communication may have all kinds of difficulties. Of course, every USB Flash Drive company's business is good at doing this kind of thing.

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