USB Flash Drive Manufacturers To Teach You How To Select A U Disk

- Aug 09, 2016 -

USB flash drive manufacturers, in accordance with the conversion unit 1 g = 1000 m mark. Computer, calculated in accordance with 1 g =1024 m. USB flash drive manufacturers so no matter what u disk, inserted after the computer displays the memory is always smaller than marked. Marked as 8G u disk, only 8 * 1000 = 8000 m, rather than 8 * 1024 = 8192 m-8000 8000 m in m capacity divided by 1024 M/G (PC) = 7.8125 g = 7.8 g button again to some system file space may be of only 7.5 g. First, USB port. USB2.0 is now mainstream, but 3.0 is appearing in a wide area. I praised Chase hardware version, you can't afford to chase, but technology trends to see. Therefore, does not recommend buy a USB2.0 port of a USB memory stick, USB memory stick should be USB3.0. Second, the main control chip crystal oscillator. Open u-a look at the main control chip model and the independent Crystal (but cannot be cylinder). But cannot be opened, usually regular basic can be assured that the brand, can not see the third, type of memory chips. Storage chip-SLC, MLC, TLC, followed by a more than a bad. But TLC can also be used, such as speed Toshiba Flash use is TLC upstairs, although reading and writing has been done in and I are former MLC USB speed, but technology is developing, TLC has always been rather than SLC, is still one-tenth of SLC, usually enough, but your copy of g on large files (such as movies, software installation files) when painful. Types of memory chips can be bought later by u-test, production software, do not need to open the shell. When you treasure, just press the USB3.0 and preferably in SLC, MLC, not TLC standards can be. Shell selected a long, slightly larger size (u interior space, USB flash drive manufacturers can make circuit boards, there will be opportunities to fault-tolerant). USB ports do not stretch, one and the same. Traditionally, a hat that is the USB port longer.

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