Usb Pendrive Appears Please Insert The Disk Into The Drive

- May 19, 2020-

usb pendrive appears Please insert the disk into the drive

The USB flash drive newly sent by a friend is broken: the reason is unknown.

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Later, my friend also sent the U disk. First connect it to the host to see, after the system is correctly recognized, my computer appears removable disk, but double-click the U disk letter actually appears, please. Insert drive I prompt, check the U disk attribute capacity is all 0 (as shown in the figure: fault phenomenon). Then try to format it, try it under the system, or prompt drive I does not have a disk. Please insert a Disk, and then try again : (. There is no way to download several U disk formatting tools on the Internet, hey it is still the same: (. Is it the interface problem: q: But friends have tried on several machines, still Try it out with Xiao Xing's psychology, and switch to the USB port on the front and back of the machine, but the fault has not been resolved. I think the new U disk is broken: q: (It will not be so flowing: w :) Later, I found a self-proclaimed U disk clearing tool "EraseTools2.1". I thought it should be the same principle as the hard disk reset tool. Dawn finally appeared. The use of the software is quite simple (Figure: reset tool) As long as the U disk is connected, install the software (if the U disk is not connected, it cannot be installed), run the software and then

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Click Start, click YES button, the program can automatically restore the U disk to the initial state. The result-under test, haha ~ U disk is resurrected (picture: fault removal). Things have also been resolved ... 

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