USB Stick Gift Custom Business Opportunities

- Oct 26, 2017-

USB Stick gift custom business opportunities
And soon to China's annual big section. But for many people, it can be considered big robbery ah. Because gifts are too costly, and the general small white-collar families are very can not stand. Just looking for a gift is a few hundred dollars. Relatives and friends too much of a section is estimated to be sent into the million dollars. The news is also frequently reported.
Here I have to help the next idea. Gifts, of course, to high-grade air on the grade. Generally spend a lot of money to buy gifts of people is not very rich people. But must be very concerned about the ritual of the people. Often this pocket will be very tight. Here I would like to point out that there are some things that are very upscale. One hundred dollars or less can buy. For example: USB Stick. This product is the pioneer of the times, the trend of the development of the product. Is definitely on the grade. And the demand is relatively large. I think there is no reason to say USB Stick is not suitable for gifts.
The need for USB Sticks is hidden very deep. Because most people in general is not needed. So no one will have such an urgent request. But in the need for it, we will be very anxious to feel like a little less around what. So is it important or unimportant? Let's take a closer look.
First of all, talk about personal experience, there are times, on the outside travel 3 days. The first day of the phone more. Cell phone battery soon run out. Some phone almost did not receive. Can only find friends by phone to answer the phone. This is more embarrassing. I do a USB Stick, actually did not bring their own products.
Second, for tourists, the outside power is indeed missing or. Travel people on the demand for electricity can be said to be unforgettable. People who have not traveled may not feel it. This is also the embarrassing situation of USB Sticks.
Third, the most important thing is the USB Stick with full compatibility. For digital players still have a more obvious role. With it, we only need to bring a charger, a USB Stick and a few adapter can be able to charge all of their digital products. The more digital products you use, the more it will be more convenient to use it. And USB Stick and the maximum 2A charge output. Can be very fast lost to you full. Very easy to use Oh
The life cycle of each electronic product is not very long. Now the technological innovation is too fast. USB Stick market sales are indeed a bit amazing. But the promotion is still very hurt and sad. Many big brands choose to do prime time in the CCTV advertising. This can be said to be super big hand ah. For small and medium-sized, the risk of throwing money is still very large. Because the current cost of advertising has been as bad as ever. The probability of drop is too big.
In fact, many small and medium-sized USB Stick brand manufacturers shipments are not very tragic. Some still very impressive. Of course, to promote the most way to force or in the price war to blaze a way to. It's quick to have a good way. The vast majority of customers are valued price. Price is the root of their profits. This year there are a few do not pay attention to money it But the price war on the manufacturers is very uncomfortable.
It is important to understand the current of the USB Stick. Although most of the digital products charge voltage is 5V. You do not have to doubt this. But all the digital products of the charging current is basically not the same. Is a range. Many of the more outdated products of the charging current can only be in a very small range. The general current of the USB Stick is 0.8A 1A 1.2A 2A and so on. If the current is too high, many digital products will have high current protection. The current exceeds its maximum will automatically disconnect, resulting in no charge.

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