Usb Stick Plugged Into The Computer Did Not Respond And The Solution

- Jun 05, 2020-

Today, I will give you an introduction to this problem that teaches everyone that usb drive bluk plugging in the computer does not respond and solve the problem. Very important, everyone can see the specific details below

card usb STICK

The reason why there is no response when usb flash drive is inserted into the computer:

1. The front USB cable is connected incorrectly. When the USB cable on the motherboard is connected to the front USB interface on the chassis, such a failure will occur if the positive and negative connections are reversed, and this situation may cause the USB device to burn out, so try to use the USB on the rear of the chassis. The interface should also use fewer extension cables. There may also be a problem with the fracture, you can try another USB port.

2. The USB interface voltage is insufficient. If the mobile hard disk is connected to the front USB port, the system may fail to recognize the device. The reason is that the power of the mobile hard disk is relatively large, and the required voltage is relatively strict. The front interface may not provide enough voltage, and the inferior power supply is also the cause of this problem. The solution is to not connect the mobile hard disk to the front USB interface. If conditions permit, you can replace the low-quality low-power power supply or use the hard disk box with an external power supply as much as possible.

3. The compatibility of the motherboard and the system. The most famous of these failures is the compatibility of the NF2 motherboard with USB. If you encounter this problem on the NF2 motherboard, you can install the latest nForce2 dedicated USB2.0 driver and patch, the latest motherboard patch and operating system patch, if it still does not work, you can try to refresh the motherboard BIOS.

4. Do not pull out the U disk during reading and writing, it may burn the chip. There is a USB device icon in the task bar in XP, you should choose to deactivate the device, and then unplug the device.

flash drive plugs into the computer without response

If the system is WinXP and the motherboard supports USB2.0, there is no response after plugging in the flash memory of the USB interface, and there is no flash memory icon when opening my computer. You must restart the computer to recognize the USB flash memory, reinstall the system and the driver. Useless.

If the USB2.0 interface on the motherboard is not properly installed with the driver, under normal circumstances, the USB1.1 port can be automatically recognized and driven by the operating system, but the USB 2.0 standard USB controller cannot be recognized and driven by the system. If the system is WinXP SP1 version, this problem will not occur. If it is not, the operating system cannot be recognized normally, and a special driver needs to be installed to be recognized. You need to install the corresponding USB 2.0 driver according to the model of the motherboard to make the USB2.0 port work properly.

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