Waterproof U Disk To Open It Prompt What Format

- Aug 09, 2016 -

Backup USB data

Using a USB drive when this type of error occurs, we first need to do is back up the data in the USB flash drive. /Recommends that members use to backup USB flash drive u disk repair tools such as data.

2 insert a USB memory stick and run the data recovery software. Open program Home screen, click the "advanced recovery".

3 in the program's main interface, click the "u" letter, and in the pop-up window, select "normal" scan ".

4 when the scan is complete, check the data you want to back up, click the click the "restore" button, and choose the appropriate location can be completed on the u-data backup.

On the u-fix

1 Download "USBoot" procedure.

2 open run "USBOOT" process, after you select USB flash drive needs to be fixed and working mode, click on the "start" button to begin the u disk to repair.

3 in the pop-up "warning" window, click "OK" to continue and complete USB repair actions.

Advanced method: USB memory stick format

If the above methods still cannot solve the problem of USB flash drive will not open, then we can only be performed on a USB memory stick format. In order to be an effective fix USB errors,/recommendation uncheck "quick format" option to perform low-level format and complete the u disk repair operations.

Ultimate method: production operations on the u-

There is a way to solve this kind of problem is that production operation on the u. First of all, we need to use the "ChipGenius" program to detect the USB chip model: online search for a download "ChipGenius", run the software after the installation is complete, the parameters of the program automatically detects the USB drive, USB chips can be found.

Then search from the Internet with the USB chip that corresponds to the type of "mass production."

"Production tools" in the main interface, insert waterproof USB flash drive, to be correctly identified by the program, click on the "start" button, you can automate the repair operation of u.

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