What Can We Do When U Disk Drop In Water?

- May 03, 2017 -

U disk itself is not charged, even if a short circuit does not occur out of the water, if the right way through dehydration, can be recovered, generally used. Some people choose to directly treated with a hair dryer, although this method is fast, but the wet heat due to an external circuit board substrate dries quickly, and the U-volatile internal moisture can not be synchronized, then since the internal stress can cause breakage as well as damage to the circuit board, Therefore simple heating and drying undesirable. After drying and before a lot of people are not made U-pretreated, after a short circuit does not occur although the U-into the water, but when we it with a hair dryer drying or dry, as water evaporates, salt water and other impurities was attached to the circuit board, these things are often electrical conductor when used in power is likely to damage the U disk.

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So what is the right approach it, U disk manufacturers to tell you: Do not rush for drying U disk fell into the water, rinse with clean running water to make sure that no sewage retention U disk, the best conditions with anhydrous alcohol rinse. The work done sooner rather than later. If not treated U-disk and has a natural drying, it is recommended to open, fetch circuit board with anhydrous alcohol and a soft brush to clean the base plate, and then the U-dry naturally. After such a treatment is generally U-disk performance will not be affected.

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