What Do You Pay Attention To When Using A Pen Drive?

- Jul 25, 2017-

What do you pay attention to when using a Pen Drive?

Small make up today I am here to bring us some Pen Drives, professional knowledge, want to interested friends or Pen Drives has used friends bring some help again, well below the everyone to come with me into the Pen Drive professional knowledge teaching for today:

1. The temperature change on the influence of the Pen Drive (normal temperature in - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, high temperature and low temperature will affect the Pen Drives, serious when still can put the Pen Drive damage)

2. Do not high temperature calcination batteries (high temperature can cause serious damage to lithium batteries, will make the internal lithium battery electrolyte evaporation, and then out through the drain valve on the battery, may be difference jet fire, fire at any time)

3. Cannot be used in low temperature environment for a long time (Pen Drive from the heat transfer to the low temperature environment, or in low temperature environment for long time use Pen Drives, in a certain temperature could condense dew on PCB, when the dew on the circuit board phenomenon is more serious when may cause short circuit phenomenon appears, so you need to pay attention to the temperature change, it is best to use in 0 ℃ or more safer and durable.)

It is important to keep the electrons in the Pen Drive in motion, and the best way to use the Pen Drive is to use it frequently. If not frequently used, please remember to complete and discharge the Pen Drive once a month.

If you are not using a Pen Drive for a long time, it is better to keep the 50 percent of your battery. Storing the battery in an empty battery will cause the battery to fail to withstand any charge due to deep discharge. On the other hand, if the battery is full of electricity, the battery will lose some of its power, shortening the battery's use time.

The other thing to note is that the Pen Drive is often "fast charging", mostly used to cope with emergency recharging, and long-term use can have a bad effect on cell phone batteries. So try to avoid overuse of Pen Drives for power supply. However, it is more convenient to charge digital products or use a Pen Drive when travelling or traveling.

Although the safety and stability of the Pen Drive is higher than that of ordinary batteries, there will be no explosion accidents like regular lithium batteries, but it should also be kept in mind and safety.

Do not put Pen Drive in extreme environment: high temperature, collision and so on are the important inducement of battery explosion, try to keep the battery in a stable environment, away from the high temperature. If you are in the environmental temperature is above 40 ℃ environment use Pen Drive, battery power will continue to reduce. That is, the power supply time of your power supply will decrease continuously.

The Pen Drive should avoid contact with metal materials, and unnecessary short circuit occurs.

Store in places where children are not easily accessible.

Circuit conversion loss. I'm sure you all know that the Pen Drive will heat up when you charge it, and according to the law of conservation of energy, the heat emitted is actually the energy of the built-in battery.

Resistance losses. When charging the phone, the Pen Drive's built-in battery is connected to the phone's battery through the circuit board and wire. We know that all conductors have a resistor, a conductor without a zero resistance (superconductor is not in this discussion). The main physical property of the resistance is to convert electrical energy into heat energy, so during the charging process, the conductor will have heat generation, and the heat generation will have energy dissipation and loss.

Voltage loss. The discharge voltage of lithium battery is not invariable, the safety range of discharge voltage is 4.2 v-2.7 V, and the power conversion can be different. The average discharge voltage range is between 3.6 and 3.9 V, which can release 80 percent or more of the battery, and if it is outside of that range, the loss of electricity will increase.

Power loss. The Pen Drive doesn't just charge the battery when it's charging, but it also gives power to other parts, especially the screen.

Running losses. During the charging process, the Pen Drive maintains its own running and requires electricity, which is also supplied by the internal core. Through these losses, the actual amount of electricity to reach the cell phone battery is about 85% of the actual power of 4400mAH, which is 3774mAH. From 6000mAH's core capacity to 3774mAH's actual output, about 38 percent of the electricity is lost.

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