What Is Expansion U Disk And How To Fix?

- Apr 11, 2017-

What is the expansion U disk? U disk and the general expansion of U disk What is the difference? U disk expansion is the use of specialized software to small U disk capacity have been showing greater capacity on the computer (such as the display 51M into 2G), but these extra memory can only see not working, if the actual capacity exceeds the size of the file and then copy them into the memory can be damaged (the installation files available becomes unavailable). In short, buy the expansion U disk description buy is a fake U disk, there is no concept of repair, because out of the expansion capacity is not available, the recovery does not make sense. Having said that, how can we test it is not the expansion of U disk, Here's to introduce a method:

Recommended test software: MyDiskTest

u disk test

By detecting we can see clearly through the U disk expansion, click "Yes" to repair.

Since we know know the harm expansion U disk, how do we go to avoid it, in fact, the practice is simply to choose a regular U disk factory!

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