What Is The Biggest Obstacle To The Development Of USB Flash Drive?

- Aug 15, 2017 -

What is the biggest obstacle to the development of USB Flash Drive?
  In fact, the potential of this industry is unlimited. And then the same mobile phone market, it can be said is booming But at present, many small manufacturers into the market. The state has not introduced the relevant legal standards. It seems to be out of no use. And the case of the previous cottage phone. Can be said to be very confusing. Plus, the consumer's values are not very clear. May be a few dollars for the price gap on the choice of cottage. Compared to the gap between the past about ten times to sell well. Now this people can not explain the purchase of ideas so that the USB Flash Drive has a very large impact on the chain of funds.
  In addition to the above obstacles, there are the following aspects of the obstacles.
  1, USB Flash Drive in the current market is not a separate product, it is considered one to buy one get one get one's accessories or gifts. His function was developed for other products. Leave other products or specific practical conditions. It is basically no meaning.
  2, to replace its products are likely to be listed in a few years time. Technology development speed we can see. Various new materials are used. Many laboratories have broken through the bottleneck of capacity. The theoretical situation can be more than 10 days of life have been developed a program. Must soon try to produce. And basically no one digital manufacturers are through different technical means to improve the battery life. Especially the new generation of mobile phone CPU come out, CPU power consumption and a variety of power-saving mode makes mobile phone power more and more slow speed.
  3, USB Flash Drive is the biggest flaw in itself. It is a large capacity product. But it is not casually can do a lot of capacity. An average of 300 grams per 10,000 mAh. Twenty thousand cents more than a pound. Unless it is done with very expensive materials. Or a large capacity is a brick. Most of the market is about ten thousand milliliters. While the capacity of the phone 3000 mAh has not met. So that the phone can not charge the number of times, the use is relatively small.
USB Flash Drive This product for our daily life, be regarded as a special existence. It is useful when it is useful. In the useless when it is basically no effect. So is he necessary for us? This question must have a lot of wallet is not very well-off people often struggling with the problem. However, the market data show that he has quietly entered the public life.
  First, the price of the USB Flash Drive is not expensive. For those who use the brand mobile phone children's shoes. Just a good business battery need more than 100 dollars. It is almost the price of USB Flash Drive. And with a USB Flash Drive can charge a variety of digital products many times. So it is much more necessary than the average business battery much more.
 Second, the digital product built-in battery trend is obvious. Many brand manufacturers are also aware of a problem. That is to let everyone think that your product to force, your product must be durable. We used to change the battery, causing the phone to be damaged for some time on the shell cover or the battery contact point. Bad things often happen. These conditions even thousands of dollars at the time of NOKIA also often appear. So Apple boldly try, directly to the phone's battery built-in, can largely protect the appearance of the phone. Then Samsung, Dopod is not far behind. At this time the battery power is also very tangled problem. So maybe a USB Flash Drive can change your annoyance.
  Third, occasionally, there is a backup power supply is indeed very good. This is my personal experience. In general, USB Flash Drive are getting more and more important. But also for a large part of the crowd is essential.

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