What Is The Difference Between Black Colloid USB And Chip USB

- May 29, 2020-

   What is the difference between black colloid USB and chip USB

  1. The structure is different: the black colloid U disk is composed of two parts, namely black colloid + shell. The chip U disk is a traditional type U disk, and the internal structure can be seen by disassembling the shell. There are PCB board, chip, 2113 crystal and other components.

black colloid USB

                         black colloid USB


  2. Waterproof performance: The black colloid U disk shell can be replaced, but because it is bonded with strong glue, it is not easy to remove the shell. 5261 is obviously, black colloid is sealed, natural waterproof performance is good, can also be shockproof, more flexible to use. The chip USB flash drive is weaker in waterproof and shockproof capabilities 4102.


                            chip USB   


   3. Read and write speed: Due to the characteristics of the packaging, the black colloid USB disk does not have much advantage in read and write speed. Relatively speaking, the read and write speed of the chip u disk can reach a very high level.

  Extended information:

  Black colloid is a U disk semi-finished module using 1653PIP packaging technology, and the shell is directly added to the finished U disk.

  For consumers, the direct consequences of PIP's technical advantages are very obvious: the large capacity of the memory card, high read and write speed, ruggedness (resistant to 50 Newtons), strong internal waterproof, anti-static, high temperature resistance, etc. Many advantages are all in one. The emergence of integrated packaging technology has led to breakthrough development in packaging technology for digital storage products, and it will be entirely possible to become the mainstream packaging technology for small memory cards.

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