What Is The Difference Between FAT32 And NTFS?

- Apr 01, 2017-

With the popularity of the Internet, in order to manage the contents of sub-human computer magnetic disk, has appeared in two hard disk partition and format --FAT32 NTFS, which respectively have their advantages and disadvantages and compatibility, users can choose according to demand appropriate file system. Now to explore the difference between FAT32 and NTFS.

1, FAT32 
FAT32 in Windows 95 OSR2 version may be introduced in compatible 16-bit and 32-bit file system. Its greatest feature is that it uses smaller clusters (each cluster only 4KB) to assign file, never improve space utilization disk, single disk capacity of up to 2048G, the user needs to provide a great mass storage convenience. Support FAT32 file names can run on DOS, Windows in various versions 95-2000, but before its overhead is greater than FAT16. But the relatively poor safety of this file system. FAT32 FAT16 compatible file system, but can not access the NTFS partition, running speed is relatively slow.


NTFS is the Windows NT file system. The biggest advantage lies in its NTFS security and stability, it will provide security settings in the NTFS disk directory and file and specify access privileges to avoid viruses. NTFS can automatically record changes in operating files, with appropriate file repair capabilities, it can also be fixed quickly when the system error, so the system is not easy to crash. Its main drawback is that too in the closed-door policy, leading to many file systems can not access their district, poor compatibility.

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