What Is The Problem To Pay Attention To When Charging Power Bank?

- Jul 25, 2017-

What is the problem to pay attention to when charging Power Bank?

1. The output voltage range of the rechargeable Power Bank, some devices have USB interface, and you need to use the charger to power the Power Bank. However, you should pay attention to the voltage range of the input of your device. The voltage output range of the universal charger is 5.3 to 0.5 v. If your device requires the input voltage range is outside the scope of charging Power Bank, so suggest you don't use charging Power Bank equipment of Power Bank for you, to make sure your charging Power Bank life. Ultra-thin charger

2. The USB connector must match, because the devices of various USB data lines are different. So, for the normal use of the power pack to power your device, use the matching USB data interface.

3, charging Power Bank to the placement of the environment, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry, small environment, the air humidity and high humidity environment to the preservation of all kinds of electrical appliances are bad, so, for your charging Power Bank life, please try to charging your Power Bank in dry environment.

4. Use your charger frequently, charge and discharge the charger every month, and use it frequently. Can maximize the life of the charger.

5. Anti-shock. The rechargeable Power Bank is a fragile component, and the internal components cannot withstand a fall. In particular, prevent accidentally landing during use. Don't throw, knock, or vibrate the charger. Rough treatment of the charger will destroy the internal circuit board.

6. Cold and heat proof. Don't put the charger in a hot spot. High temperature can shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy the charging Power Bank, make some plastic parts deform or melt. Also don't store the rechargeable Power Bank in cold places. When the charging Power Bank is working in a cold environment, the internal temperature will rise, and the charging Power Bank will form moisture and destroy the circuit board.

7. Defensive chemicals. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaner or strong detergent to clean the charging Power Bank. Clean the appearance of the rechargeable Power Bank with a small amount of cotton and no water alcohol scrub.

Many people on the Internet now have such doubts. Using a charger will not damage your phone, tablet, camera and other digital products. This, please rest assured. Charging Power Bank just for the sake of convenient for Power Bank equipment used all kinds of digital products, as long as you choose and buy is normal manufacturer of production of all kinds of handheld devices charging Power Bank to basically have no damage, but if you buy is fake, black workshop production of charging Power Bank, that is to say.

Charging Power Bank can be used as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camera, notebook computer, PDA, PSP, MP3 / MP4 and other digital electronic charging Power Bank or an external Power Bank is used, can be used for digital products charging, also to continuous Power Bank for a long time, the digital products can solve product digital products under the condition of no mains can't charging and can't work for a long time. The company's rechargeable products are widely welcomed because of its high capacity, wide compatibility, light fashion and intelligent security.

The market growth of digital products is obvious to all, and has formed a huge customer group. Digital electronic products is not only a sales increase, and at the same time also with the development of this trend: the function of product diversification, Power Bank large screen size, color, model is more thin and small, but realize these features will speed up the consumption of electricity. It is in the context that in order to meet the demand of high-end business customers and mobile people for digital electronic products, the market demand of rechargeable Power Bank will inevitably increase rapidly. According to the different digital products battery capacity, capacity from 8 wh ­ shy; - 74WH of multiple products can fit the needs of mainstream digital products on the market, from miniaturized MP3 / MP4 to mobile phones, PSP, digital cameras, digital cameras, and to laptop computers.

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