When Buying A USB Flash Drive

- May 26, 2020-

When buying a USB flash drive, I believe that many friends are the same, all are only closed.

Note the capacity and price of the U disk, but ignore the quality of the U disk chip, the most important thing is often ignored, in fact, the chip is the core component of the U disk, learn more about the common sense of the U disk chip, to you Buying a USB flash drive will be of great help. 1. The core component of U disk storage is a chip called "FLASH". Its cost determines the price of the finished U disk. The reason why all kinds of U disk products of various brands on the market perform Different price levels are due to differences in the "FLASH" chips used.

Second, flash memory chips are divided into genuine flash memory, black chip flash memory, etc.

1. Genuine flash memory refers to the regular brand flash memory, generally for Korean and Japanese factory brands, such as "Samsung", "Modern", "Hitachi", etc .; the flash memory used for brand U disk is mainly "Modern", "Micron"; "Samsung" high-speed flash memory price than these two products

The card is about 20 yuan higher, generally used for high-end MP3, MP4. The prices of the two brands "Modern" and "Micron", which are widely used in U disks, are basically the same.

2. There are two types of so-called "black films". One refers to the defective products eliminated by manufacturers such as Samsung, Toshiba, and Hyundai, and the second refers to second-hand flash memory chips recovered on the market. When chip manufacturers produce flash memory chips, the wafers are graded and can be divided into 99% capacity, 97% capacity, 93% capacity and so on. Wafers with a level below 93% capacity will no longer be sold under the original factory logo, but will not be thrown away, and will flow into small packaging plants in Taiwan or the mainland to the black chip market

field. Some manufacturers are using low-grade wafers, after polishing, paste: put on Samsung or Hyundai LOGO and sell them. These non-standard chips are inexpensive, but they can basically be used, but the capacity is too small. But after flowing into the black chip market, because the person who made the black chip does not have the corresponding technical capabilities and failed to shield the bad blocks of the chip, the bad areas are easy to spread. What is even more shocking is that some factories have secretly worked on the chips, using 64MB chips for 128MB products and 128MB chips for 256MB products. These chips are called "upgrade tablets", and then use software to deceive the system to obtain Profiteering, the average consumer is difficult to identify the authenticity.

3. At present, chip products are beginning to diversify. For example, the same is "modern

"512M chips are divided into three types, the same 1G, and there are other differences, their prices may differ by 10 to 20 yuan; the same is Samsung 1G chips, divided into two types, the price difference is about 20 to 40 yuan, they The difference is the difference in transmission speed and capacity. Generally speaking, the U disk with a low price, you have to think about it, it is possible to use black films and upgrade films; quality is the guarantee of reputation, in order to protect you The data is worry-free, please buy a regular brand U disk.

The capacity of the U disk and the price of the U disk are the initial understanding when buying the U disk. To buy a practical and used U disk, the user should pay attention to the quality of the U disk chip, which constitutes the U disk Core components. Is your way of choosing U disk right?

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