Why Encryption U Cannot Directly Plug

- Aug 09, 2016 -

Norms in order to encrypt u disk USB interface plug-and-play it? why encryption u cannot directly plug? often say that data may be lost, then data loss what is the process? what principle is the

Allows plug-and-play USB design, so in theory all USB devices are allowed to directly plug.

But the thing you have to know, is responsible for u disk read and write data to the operating system, file systems and device drivers for accurate. In Windows and Linux, for example, on the face of your files already copied to (writing) in the USB device, but this file may not really written to the device, so that if you remove a USB memory stick, you may lose data. So, this is the behavior of the operating system, and nothing to do with USB is.

Why an operating system designed in this way? Because the operating system in order for USB access faster. So don't ask why USB data, data why not USB data is not lost anything, just because the operating system did not pass the data.

No matter what kind of USB flash drive, important files to back up, do not put it on a USB drive for a long time. In case of lost what to do. According to the transmission speed problems. General USB USB3.0 now. At least dozens of MB/s transfer speed. Should be able to meet the job requirements. We are not a technology enthusiast, not necessary pursuit of ultra high speed USB flash drives. But if you need to transfer large files. Buy a high speed USB flash drive is necessary. Brand encrypted USB flash drive on the market is currently the same, but have different characteristics. Also note buying, don't buy the expansion disk, this used to be very much less now. In the regular store bought the mark.

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