Why Is The U Disk Damaged?

- Jun 09, 2020-

Why is the U disk damaged?

As a common storage medium, U disk has a strong advantage in terms of technology maturity and price, so ordinary consumers generally buy a U disk to solve their storage needs.

Although U disk is the most common storage device, do you know what symptoms it will cause after it is damaged and data is lost?

What's wrong with a USB flash drive?

As with other storage products, if the data in the U disk loses data, it is generally divided into logical failure and physical failure.

According to our daily usage habits and product quality, the most common one is the data loss caused by physical failure.

Common physical faults generally have the following phenomena:

After the U disk is connected to the computer, the indicator light is off, and the computer cannot recognize the U disk, and there is no drive letter;

Or the power indicator light can be normally lit after the U disk is connected to the computer, but the computer cannot recognize it and there is no drive letter;

The third case is that the U disk can be recognized by the drive letter, but the capacity is displayed as 0 and cannot be used;

Another thing is that the drive letter can be recognized normally, but it cannot be opened or formatted.

Our common USB flash drive failures are generally these phenomena. Do you know how this phenomenon is caused?

Why is the U disk bad?

1. Failure of main components.

U disk is different from the complicated physical structure of mechanical hard disk. The internal components are very simple. The most important components are the flash memory chip as the storage medium and the main control chip that plays the role of CPU.

Once the flash memory chip is damaged, it will be irreversible repair, but this kind of situation rarely happens.

However, the editor still recommends choosing a first-line storage brand with the production capacity of flash memory chips such as Samsung when purchasing a USB flash drive.

The main control chip is the CPU of the U disk, which is responsible for the working logic algorithm of the U disk, so the main control chip may also be damaged. Errors in the running program or physical damage to the chip may cause the U disk to not work properly, but this phenomenon occurs. The probability is still very small.

2. Failure of secondary components

In addition to the flash memory chip and the main control chip with low probability of damage, the transmission and power supply of the U disk has a high probability of failure.

First of all, let's look at the transmission interface of the U disk. Because of the nature of the U disk, it needs to be frequently plugged and unplugged, plus the impact of drops, irregular plugging and other reasons.

This will easily cause the connectivity between the transmission interface and the PCB version to start to be damaged, so there will be a situation where the U disk has poor contact and cannot be identified.

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