Wood U How To Recover Deleted Files

- Aug 09, 2016 -

Wood u how to recover deleted files? To restore wood u disk delete files, depending on several conditions. 1, the appropriate use of data recovery software. 2, the size and type of data needs to be restored. Easy recovery text data and small data files, but as image format file overwrite problems are difficult because data recovery, streaming media may be partly restored. 3, u disk data is not overwritten.

Method/process you first need to find out what is the cause of data loss, if formatted or deleted due to errors caused by, data can be restored much more likely at this time. First of all to prevent write operations to the u disk, you can go online to find the right data recovery data recovery software ready to work. U disk is first connected to the computer and run the data recovery software. Select recover deleted and missing files. Then select recover deleted files (or missing file) then choose move disk you need to recover data. Program will start scanning the data. View range of scan results. View has a filter at the bottom of the scan results, you can file with the names or suffixes to filter out the files you need to restore. (Video and image file are sometimes renamed file name appears, it is recommended that the suffix search), find the file you want to restore the selected click the restore. Restoring to a different hard drive space (not a restore directly to the original u disk) directly related to the recovery and software, if the chosen data recovery software recover result is not satisfactory, you can try other data recovery software. While the recovered file may be damaged, corresponds to the proposal to use repair software try to preview or to repair the file. Can't fix Save preview display useful data.

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